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Sexual abuse in the church

Sexual abuse in the church

Religious institutions are supposed to be a safe place for everyone, most especially the young ones. However, a lot of clergymen have turned these places into a haven for grooming their victims. Worryingly, these institutions passively enable the abuser either by sitting on the fence, or worse, supporting them when the victims speak out.

Although the Roman Catholic Church has particularly come under fire for having a high prevalence of sexual abuse in the church, you should know that no church or religion is exempted. If you or anyone you know has been a victim of sexual abuse in the church, our attorneys at Horowitz Law are ready to help you take up your case.

What if the church denies your allegations?

It is not uncommon for churches to deny reports of sexual abuse in the church. That is why victims are advised not to confront their abuser or the institution first. They are almost always desperate to protect their names and they’ll care little about your story. Even if you have confronted the church or the clergy and they have denied your allegations, a competent sexual abuse attorney can still help you get the justice you deserve.

Can the church be held liable in a sexual abuse claim?

Churches are expected to supervise the clergymen in their employ as well as other leaders. If a church is negligent in her duties as is often the case, they can be legally liable for sexual abuse in the church. If there is any evidence that the church knew of the perpetrator’s acts but failed to take appropriate action, such a church can be sued as a defendant in the sexual abuse claim.

Is it too late to file a lawsuit?

Different states have different statutes of limitations when it comes to sexual abuse claims. Such measures are often necessary in order to prevent injustice by bringing finality to claims. However, there are arguments that sexual abuse cases should be treated specially. It takes a lot of courage for victims to come out and they should not be blamed for taking too long to do so.

It’s never too late to speak out against an abuser. Even if the incident occurred a long time ago, you can still schedule a free consultation with our expert sexual abuse attorneys to determine the statute of limitations.

Contact one of our sexual abuse lawyers

At Horowitz Law, we understand the emotional toll that comes with being a victim of sexual abuse in church. We are very particular about helping victims find closure while ensuring the perpetrator is stripped of the power to rein in another victim. You can trust our attorneys to treat your case with utmost confidentiality and decorum. Schedule a free consultation today and we’d be more than willing to take up your case.


Sexual abuse in the church
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