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Personal Injury Lawyer Fayetteville Arkansas

Personal Injury Lawyer Fayetteville Arkansas

The team at Daniels Law Firm hopes that you’re having a wonderful summer full of backyard fun. If you have a slip and slide or pool in your backyard, you may already know that these can be fun toys to provide endless hours of entertainment. They can also be very dangerous. Here are some important tips that we have for you as summer winds down for this year, and to keep in mind for the remaining days as well as to take into next year.

Clean Up the Play Area

Before setting up any water toys outside, make sure that there aren’t any other hazards that might pose a threat of injury. Things such as sticks, rocks, or sharp debris can really hurt someone if they’re not careful. Although you may have the pool or slip and slide set up in one area of the yard, kids will be running around, probably without shoes on, and can easily trip or step on these items.

Get Each of Them Water Shoes

At the start of each summer (or at the end of the summer when prices are more likely to be deeply discounted), make sure each of your kids has a pair of water shoes that they can wear anytime they’re going swimming or playing in and around water.

It’s a simple thing, but a personal injury lawyer in Fayetteville, Arkansas can attest that water shoes are key for water safety. These water shoes will allow your kids’ feet to grip on the ground making it less likely that they’ll slip and fall on wet grass or have problems treading slick surfaces like pool decks.

Leave It for the Kids

You know as well as any personal injury lawyer in Fayetteville, Arkansas does that slip and slides and water toys can be as much fun for you as an adult as they are for kids. However, there have been many cases where teens and adults are injured on slip and slides and other water equipment because they’re too big to play. The cases of it happening may be relatively rare but they do exist. It’s important to always pay attention to the restrictions for age and weight before using any product yourself.

Make Sure They Use the Equipment Appropriately

If your child is over playing at someone else’s house and is injured, call a personal injury lawyer in Fayetteville, Arkansas to help right away. If they’re injured while playing at your house, make sure that they’re using the equipment appropriately.

You can’t always monitor what your kids are doing when they’re at someone else’s house, but if you are watching them to make sure the equipment is used properly and they still get injured, you may have a product liability case. Working with a lawyer experienced with these types of claims may be helpful.

A personal injury lawyer in Fayetteville, Arkansas from Daniels Law Firm can help you in the unfortunate event that you or one of your kids is injured in an accident. If you have water features or water toys in your backyard for your kids to play on, remember these tips to keep them safe no matter where they are.

Personal Injury Lawyer Fayetteville Arkansas

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