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Motorcycle Accidents attorney georgia

Motorcycle Accidents attorney georgia

At JP Attorneys, our lawyers specialize in car accidents, wrongful death, truck accidents, and motorcycle accidents. AJ Joshi is a leading motorcycle accidents attorney in Georgia and has helped his clients recover thousands of dollars in damages. Our skilled motorcycle accident lawyer is among the top 1% and is available round the clock for clients through phone and email.

Liability in motorcycle accidents

The law of negligence determines liability in cases of motorcycle accidents. If person A causes harm to person B in a motorcycle accident out of carelessness or reckless behavior, the law deems Person A as negligent. According to the law, a motorcycle driver must exercise a certain level of care and caution while riding a motorcycle to avoid injuring pedestrians and other motorists. 42% of motorcycle accidents occur because of cars making a left-hand turn or when a motorcyclist tries to go straight through an intersection or tries to overtake the car. In such cases, the motorcyclist can file a claim against the car or truck driver, provided he was not speeding or in the wrong lane at the time of the accident.

Other causes of motorcycle accidents often include lane splitting, motorcyclist speeding, driving under the influence of alcohol, motorcyclists colliding with fixed objects, etc. To file a claim for a motorcycle accident, make sure to hire a skilled motorcycle injury lawyer to help you gather evidence and to receive a large amount as damages.

Calculate damages in motorcycle accidents

Damages in a motorcycle accident can be of two types: measurable or special damages and incalculable damages. Special damages include lost earnings, lost earning capacity, including employment benefits, hospital bills, and other financial losses.

On the other hand, incalculable damages refer to compensation for 'pain and suffering' endured by the plaintiff. To calculate damages for 'pain and suffering,' the jury will use their experience and good sense, to determine damages that a defendant must pay to the plaintiff.

Elements of a negligence claim in motorcycle accidents

If you are thinking about filing a claim for a motorcycle accident, you must know the elements involved in a negligence claim. Make sure to hire an experienced contingency fee lawyer for motorcycle accidents to help you file a claim with the following elements in it:

  • The plaintiff must present proof that the defendant was negligent or careless or irresponsible at the time of the accident.
  • The plaintiff must produce with his claim enough evidence to prove that his injuries occurred as a result of the defendant's conduct.
  • As a plaintiff, you may not receive any damages if you did not suffer any losses, injuries, or harm, even if the defendant behaved negligently.

Call or visit JP Attorneys today to schedule a case evaluation. Our motorcycle accidents attorney in Georgia charges the lowest fee for his services and specializes in negotiating with the defendant's insurance company to help you get the compensation you deserve. Your search for the best 'free Motorcycle injury lawyer' ends here, seek legal advice from the most successful motorcycle accident claim attorney.

Motorcycle Accidents attorney georgia
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