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Fayetteville Ar Personal Injury Lawyer

Fayetteville Ar Personal Injury Lawyer

Here at Daniels Law Firm, we know what it takes to win a personal injury suit. The first step towards getting your regular life back is by hiring a Fayetteville, AR personal injury lawyer. Unfortunately, many people believe that their lives have to stop pending the results of the case. This is not so.

However, we live in the digital age and when it seems like every action you take is posted online, you’re under a lot more scrutiny. Therefore, you do need to be a little wiser about what you post on social media during the proceedings. Here are some tips to talk about with your Fayetteville, AR personal injury lawyer that will help you get through your case without your Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter feeds hurting your chances.

Assume Everyone Will See It

It’s actually a common thought that the judge, the opposing counsel, and the other party to your claim won’t even see your social media. You might feel like it’s safe from your own Fayetteville, AR personal injury lawyer. However, that’s not the way the world works anymore. It’s pretty safe to assume that everyone involved in the case will see it.

While some people set their profiles to private in an effort to keep people from seeing things they shouldn’t, this should not be deemed a reliable way to keep information out of the wrong hands. Your Fayetteville, AR personal injury lawyer may actually suggest that you deactivate your social media accounts pending the outcome of your personal injury case.

Avoid Posting Incriminating Photos

If you aren’t going to deactivate your accounts pending the completion of your trial, it’s best practice to take extreme caution before posting anything online. How would it look if you file a personal injury lawsuit and then post a photo of you waterskiing a week later? It definitely wouldn’t look very good.

In fact, it would look so bad that it could definitely harm your case. The opposing counsel is looking you up online and if they find that photo, this is good cause for a judge to dismiss your claims altogether. It’s often difficult to know whether a post would be incriminating or not which is one reason why your Fayetteville, AR personal injury lawyer might recommend deactivating your accounts until your case is complete.

Ask Friends to Leave You Out

As your Fayetteville, AR personal injury lawyer can tell you, it isn’t just your own posts to be aware of. Of course, you’re not the only one that may post incriminating social media posts. Let your friends and family know about your case and ask them to please refrain from posting your photo or information about you on their social media profiles as well.

If you’re thinking, “Well the judge isn’t going to look up my friends. The opposing counsel isn’t going to check out my friends and the photos I’m tagged in,” then think again. Instagram and Facebook photos and posts have been known to play a big part in many different types of lawsuits, not just personal injury. Be prepared for the other parties in your case to do some digging.

A Fayetteville, AR personal injury lawyer like one of our team at Daniels Law Firm can help you get through a personal injury case with your social media profiles intact and your real-life as stress-free as can be. Keeping these things in mind will help it all go a lot smoother for you.

Fayetteville Ar Personal Injury Lawyer

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